Badematte Grund Consept 11 82×130 cm

Designer badematte av Karim Rashid – vær unik på badet!

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Badematte designet av Karim Rashid “Color my world collection”. Denne spesielle badematten gir baderommet et skikkelig løft og gjøre badet ditt unikt.

  • Består av: Supersoft 100% Polyakryl
  • Garnhøyde: 18mm
  • Bakside: antislip coating
  • Vasking: Maskinvask 40°C

Karim Rashid

KOLOR MY WORLD Kollection explores how OUR contemporary physical world can be soft, human, and pleasurable yet be inspired from our digital world. The myriad of patterns and forms are all proposals for a more colorful, more energetic fulgent physical world that resonates with our data-driven age. The collection imbues my belief that color, depth, tactility, material and form can express and elevate our emotions in everyday life. Kolor My World is warm, pleasurable, soft, and friendly and so easy to maintain. Be colorful and be contemporary in mind, body, and soul.


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